Matreportage på Salthamn

Vi producerar mat- och resereportage för samtliga medier

We produce food coverage for all kinds of media

Together with the professional food photographer Olivia Munck, Jacqueline has founded Salthamn Production. They produce food and travel coverages for reputable magazines and productions for motion media.

Estates & Farms

The pictures that you see next to here, comes from a food coverage that we did for Estates & Farms – July issue 2014.
At Salthamn we find ourselves in the dining room at theSea Villa, just a short stroll from the sea. We have used local delicacies from, among others, Chili Gotland, Wikström Brothers and Stafva farm.


Here we invited some surf lovers on a beautiful beach barbeque in Salthamn with Jamaican theme with cultural food. Jerked chicken, pineapple cake, banana bread and ginger beer and more.

Jacqueline Raymond

Entrepreneur Jacqueline Raymond has recently returned to her roots to plan in detail the Salthamn area. Here she works to create a place of agriculture and exciting architecture, where people can come and enjoy an oasis or to live in the midst of it. In Villa Salthamn and in the Sea Villa dining halls, she arranges conferences and a variety of unique dinner events. Previously, Jacqueline was a chef and sommelier on the famours event hall Hamburger Börs in Stockholm, where she was a co-partner for many years. In addition to Salthamn, she also works as a consultant, helping other restaurant owners with concepts, menus and dinners. She is an expert in developing comprehensive concepts and finding different themes for food delivery with inspirational texts and new recipes.

Olivia Munck

Olivia Munck is an artistic and trendy freelance photographer who is a partner in The Line Gotland. She helps film and photo teams to find unique environments. Among other things, she has worked with filmizations by Mari Jungsted and Anna Jansson’s novels. She has also worked with commercials for clients such as Volvo, Ellos and Destination Gotland. Her photography has been described as alive and cinematographic with documentary sentiment. The complexity meets simplicity, and as an observer, one gets an impression of an exact balance.