The Edible Country 

Salthamn, Gotland

May – September 2023, Tuesdays

The Edible Country

Salthamn, Gotland

May – September 2022, Tuesdays

The Edible Country at Salthamn

Visit Sweden has placed culinary tables in some of the most beautiful places in Sweden. We want to share our passion and curiosity about nature experience and genuine Swedish tastes, in combination and harmony. Guests are invited to cook a meal with tastes of raw produce they can gather themselves in nature. One of the tables is here at Salthamn, a magical place located on the largest island in Sweden, Gotland.

Salthamn – Harvested from the wild

Salthamn is slightly secretive place where we want the wild to embrace you and let you connect with nature. Is an oasis where we want to offer you the taste of the things we harvest and process from the wild. We find our treasures in the forest, at the sea and the meadows around us at Salthamn.

At the table at Salthamn you will find yourself sitting in the fields of ramson close the gnarled pines and right next to the glittering Baltic and enjoying in a scenic setting. Welcome into the wild.

We want you to experience the tastes of Gotland

The calcareous soil and the mild maritime climate with many hours of sun makes Gotland produces amazing produce and the larder of natural produces are rich. You can find things at the pantry of Gotland that you normally find in the Mediterranean region- such as figs, asparagus and Bourgogne truffle. 

Depending on the time of the year and season, we pick and prepare food from the larder around us and from farms close by us. Herbs, wild garlic, spruce shoots, nettles, berries – the list of eatable things we can forage is long and we promise an unique culinary nature experience.

How it works

Do It Yourself Meal Experience

Make your own meal experience at the table at Salthamn. A cooking kit with basic supplies is included with your booked place at the table. It includes:

  • A basket with recipes and information about the nature and area in which the table is placed. There is also a map of edible things you can find in the nature for example herbs or berries, in season.
  • All the necessary equipment for you to prepare and eat the food.
  • All the basic supplies.
  • Guests will be greeted at Salthamn, introduced to the property and given a foraging map towards the table, including basket with useful tools.

PRICE 200 SEK/PERSON for a seat at the table with basic supplies

Size of the group : 2-14 guests
Please feel free to bring your dog along, we will make sure they get their own edible country experience.

Advance with Local Ingredients

We customise your basket with the best ingredients from local farms. All depending on season. An example of the ingredients that you could find is milk from mountain cows from Puttersjaus, local cheese from Stafva farm, Honey from Salthamn, tea, coffee and home-made pastries.

PRICE 149 SEK/PERSON for advanced basket

Add a chef to your edible country experience

For bookings of minimum 8 guests

  • Meet the chefs at Salthamn and get a meal experience to inspire and find your inner chef.
  • Explore the creative ways to cook from the wild.
  • Whilst cooking you will enjoy different stories about Salthamn and Gotlands as a culinary destination.

Extra 150 SEK including VAT for French speaking chef



3-5 hours depending on how long time the hiking will take

Itinerary – example

11.00 Gathering at Salthamns parking. You can take the bus to Salthamn from Visby & the airport
11.05 Picking up basket + foraging map
11.10 Foraging & hiking
12.40 Arrive at the table & start cooking
13.30 Lunch
15.00 Hike back

The table is located in the wild garlic forest, approximately 2 km from Salthamns parking
Suitable clothes for the weather, comfortable shoes & possibly swimwear for a dip in the sea
In case of rain or fire ban:
For smaller groups we offer a wine bunker by sea and more than 6 guests we offer Salthamns Sjöstuga dining room
Stay at Salthamn in combination of your dining experience, we can offer a luxurious 70´s Vila with an indoors pool or a smaller romantic house by the sea. Find out more on or contact
Price from 4 000SEK/ week

Wheelchair and car can be driven to the table price from

Important to know:

  • The booking is valid from 11 am to 3 pm.
  • The table is about a 20 minute walk from the Salthamns parking lot.Return the hired cooking kit and what’s left of the basic supplies to by 3 pm at the latest.
  • When you leave the table, pack up everything you have brought so the next guest will find the place beautiful and clean.
  • Prepare the food yourself according to the recipe provided and, of course, eat when it suits you.

Other activities
Rent SUP board 150 SEK/person
Rent bike 150 SEK/person
Wine tasting 500 SEK/person
Vegan cooking class 800 SEK/person

Book the table

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One mile north of Visby you will find Salthamn.
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