Event Space

Salthamn is a unique place for festivities and other occasions.

Villa Salthamn

Like stepping into a Hollywood-film from the 70s. The Villa has kept its original style, with interior details and a indoor swimming pool. An attractive accommodation spot for up to 21 guests, divided into six double bedrooms and three single bedroom, with the possibility to add six extra beds. Depending on if you are in individual guest or representing a company Villa Salthamn is perfect for dinner gatherings, celebrations, conferences and retreats. During the summer season you can have events here for up to 100 people on the terrace with a beautiful view over the sunset.

The Sea Villa

In the dining area of the Sea Villa, we organize exclusive meetings and dinners. You can book tasting menus and wine tastings. You can also book dinners with themes, Spanish, Italian, Asian fusion or according to preference.

In the dining area we can welcome six to ten guests. On the veranda or the beach you can also have barbeque evenings for 20 guests. Another unique spot is our wine bunker that is available to book for groups of two to six guests.

It is an old military bunker on the beach, now refurbished in a warm and cosy manner with a small fireplace and a view over the sea and a campfire just outside.

The Sea Villa is open all year around for both individual guests as for companies.

The factory

The Factory has a unique history dating 50 years back. After a fire the Factory has been given new life.

The ceramist Katarina Rolf has moved in with her company Rolf & Friends. Here you can get inspired with design, interior and fashion.

During the summer season you can book events for 150 people. An unique concept with compostable materials and a customized menu after your preference.

The wine bunker

Are you dreaming of a secret wedding or maybe to just do something different? In the Wine Bunker on the beach you can either rent the place for yourself and take a picknick basket with you, drink good wine and grill by the fire outside and watch the beautiful sunset. Or you can ask us to arrange a dinner or wine tasting after your preferences.


Book an Unforgettable Event

Here you can celebrate occasions, birthdays and other festivities. Menu and organization we create together, to design an unforgettable event.

All meals are prepared by Jacqueline Raymond- chef and sommelier.


Collaboration with Stafva Gård

Jaqueline Raymond collaborated with Stafva farm. We buy quality and local cheese and other products from their dairy farm. And other products from Gute ice cream and juice from Halfvede musteri.

At Stafva farm, somtimes Jacqueline also organized evening dinner for gathering of 40 to 150 guests.
Stafva is an excellent location for conferences and meetings like weddings and private events.

If you are more then 40 guests and wish Jaqueline designs a menu, just send a email to boka@salthamn.se
If you are less than 40 guests, contact Patrik von Corswant on patrik@stafva.se.