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Salthamn is a mile north of Visby along road 149. From Visby Airport you turn right and after 9.5 kilometers you see a sign SALTHAMN turn left towards the sea. After 200 meters on that road comes Villa Salthamn, you continue down the hill to the sea then come to the parking lot to Fabriken.

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Entrepreneur Jacqueline Raymond has recently returned to her roots to planify for the Salthamn area. Here she works to create a place of agriculture and exciting architecture, where people can come and enjoy an oasis or to live in the midst of it.

In Villa Salthamn and the Sea Villas dining hall, she organizes year round conferences and a variety of unique dinner events. Previously, Jacqueline was a chef and sommelier at the famous event hall Hamburger Börs in Stockholm, where she was a co-partner for many years. In addition to Salthamn, she also works as a consultant, helping other professionals with concepts, menus and dinners. She is an expert in developing concepts and finding different themes for food reportages with inspiring texts and new recipes.

People at Salthamn:
Thomas, Maria, Jacqueline, Celine, Ebba, Nanna, Thomas & Katarina