• Enjoy the nature and the peacefulness only 40 minutes from Stockholm

  • Exclusive dinners and luxurious living

  • Yoga & mindfulness retreat and much more…

Imagine a breathtaking coastal line like a hidden fairytale. Jacqueline Raymond – chef and sommelier, now reawakens Salthamn on Gotland.

Jacqueline was born here, with the delicacies of the sea and the forest as her pantry around the corner. Now she is transforming the area to a place for people to enjoy as an oasis or to simply live in the middle of it.

We are open all year round

A place along the Gotland coast where we harvest and process the wild from the forest, the sea and the meadows.

A place for meetings and dinners where people can come and enjoy an oasis or live in the middle of it.


There are many opportunities in Salthamn.


I Salthamn finns tre platser att vistas på för era evenemang.


In Salthamn on Gotland there are unique houses to rent only ten minutes north of Visby.

Villa Salthamn

It’s a bit like walking into a Hollywood-film from the 70s. A journalist recently wrote, “It’s almost like you expect someone from Mad Men to come out from around the corner and spill a Dry Martini.”

Aside from a magnificent view over the sea, we offer a luxurious accomodation for up to 21 people, divided into six double rooms, and three single rooms with the opportunity for six extra beds.

Add five bathrooms, a lounge with an open fireplace, relaxing area with an indoor swimming pool, sauna and a pool table, then you will understand why this Villa is outstanding.

The Beach House

The picturesque Beach House is only 50 meters from the sea and next to a little port. You are surrounded by spectacular sunsets and a large beach garden. An ideal place for anyone who wants to relax and take the day as it comes.

The Beach House is appropriate for four guests, but with extra beds you can house up to seven guests. On the upper floor there is one double bed in one of the bedrooms and two small lofts with four extra beds as well. On the ground floor there is one single bed and a bedsofa in the living room.

The Red House

A romantic and recently renovated house that offers a large terrace of 25 sqm and a spectacular view of the sea. The house is surrounded by lush forests, located on a private road just a few hundred meters from Lummelunda Cave.

On the little road there are a total of seven houses, where two are newly built. In the house there is a sauna, one bedroom with a double bed and a bedsofa for two guests in the living room.

The Yellow House

The Yellow House is only 350 meters from the sea by a little port.

You are surrounded by spectacular sunsets and a beautiful blooming field between the sea and the house. An ideal place for relaxing and taking the day as it comes.
There is two bedrooms in the house. One with a double bed and the other bedroom with a bunk bed. In the living room there is a bedsofa for two people.

The Big House on the Mountain

This house offers a spectacular view of the sea. From the terrace you can see the sun go down in the Baltic and if you look south you can see all the way to Visby.

There is plenty of space for cooking. The house is appropriate for four guests with one bedroom with a double bed and the second bedroom with two single beds and a living room with a bed sofa for two people with an open fire place.

The Small House on the Mountain

The Small House on the Mountain is a picturesque and a romatic house for two guests. The view from the terrace is astonishing you can enjoy spectacular sunsets over the sea and Visbys medieval silhouette.

On the terrace you can sunbathe, barbecue in the evenings and relax on a lounge chair. In the house there is one bedroom with a double bed, one living room with an open fireplace and small practical kitchen in a separate addition of the house, there is a shower, toilet and a washing machine.


You can put yourself on the waiting list to buy a plot.

Buy a Plot

In Salthamn there are a unique plots for sale for the customer who value privacy and magnificent sunsets over the sea. The houses blend naturally into nature so the lines between inside and outdoor disappears.


In the future there are plans for permanent senior housing offering a high level of service.

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Promising Views for the Future

In the heart of Salthamn stands the old factory, transformed by Rolf & Friends. Here you can find handcrafts, art, interior and clothing. In the valley there are plans for a meeting place with a garden, restaurant and a bar. On the mountain there are plans for “landscape rooms” to rent. 
Here there will also be an opportunity to create your own house dream. On the exclusive plots there will be unique terrace houses where the house will be at one with nature. Now the shovel is in the soil and the journey has just begun.